Hair Follicle Testing Las Vegas

Hair follicle testing is used to analyze the hair sample for drugs within hair shaft, rather than using biological fluids such as saliva and urine, in order to determine whether it contains any trace of abusive drugs. A key advantage of using hair follicle testing Las Vegas NV over other biological samples is its high resistance to evasion through contamination, adulteration or substitution of samples. Also, other forms of drug tests can be evaded simply by abstaining from use of drugs for a few days. Whereas, Hair Follicle Testing Las Vegas offers a 3 months window for detecting drug use/abuse. 

Who uses hair drug testing?

Most corporations around the world are using hair follicle testing in order to screen their applicants and to perform random hair follicle drug test in employees. School use the psyche medics test to helps students and staff stay drug-free. The courts use such tests in their parole, diversionary programs, and probation. 

What drugs can be detected through a hair follicle testing?

Marijuana, cocaine, opiates (like heroin, morphine, oxycodone, codeine, hydromorphone, and hydrocodone), ecstasy (MDMA), phencyclidine (PCP), methamphetamine, Eve (MDEA).

How far does a hair follicle drug test go back?

A hair follicle drug test can go back much longer than urine or saliva drug testing. Whenever, you take a drug it goes to the follicle and then into the hair strands, where it stays. 

Approximately, hair grow at the rate of 0.5 inches per month. So, for instance, if your hair is 12 inches long, and the ends of the hair strand is being tested, then drug consumption can be traced for over 2 years.

But, only police are authorized to test the ends. Otherwise, a standard test would include a hair sample 1.5 inches long, cut from the hair root. The rest of the non-root end is then discarded.