Drug Testing Las Vegas

As your trusted drug testing provider, A1 Fingerprinting Services offers a plethora of lab-based as well as instant drug tests in Las Vegas. We can provide reliable employment drug testing services, giving you access to critical information about applicants for the job, so that you as an employer can make a well-informed and confident decision regarding prospective employees. We can also help you carry random drug screenings on your employees to keep the workplace drug-free. As a reputed leader in the workplace for drug testing services, we promise to take good care of all your employment drug screening needs.

A variety of biological samples can be used for drug testing. Urine testing being the industry standard for workplace drug screening in Las Vegas. Also, it is the only drug testing method that is approved for the federally mandated drug tests.  Saliva and hair follicle testing are two other options but are not used as often.

Post-accident Drug Testing

Post-accident, also referred to as post-incident drug testing, is used when an employee has met with an accident in the workplace. The drug test is used to determine if the employee was under the influence of any type of drugs during the incident. Generally, employers who are to use drug tests must set some objective criteria as to when a post-accident drug test will occur. For example, injuries, fatalities, that required police citations, medical assistance, or damages to property or vehicle over a set monetary amount.