DNA Testing Las Vegas

Looking for reliable DNA testing services in Las Vegas? Search no further, we at A1 Fingerprinting Services are here to provide you with the best DNA testing services in the city, for both medical and non-medical purposes. We can provide you with the highest quality and most trusted DNA tests in the city, at the most competitive and affordable prices. You can always rely on our services to be timely and factual. We can help you in many ways, to discover a lot about yourself through your DNA. 

DNA testing Las Vegas can be used for a variety of purposes – screening for genetic-based diseases, to settle paternity disputes, for forensic profiling or to know one’s ancestry. All that is needed for DNA testing are small bits of cells that can be obtained from under the fingernails, cigarette butts, strand of hair, or tissues. We realize how important it is for you to get the DNA results back quickly, whether it is for legal purposes or you want to know your paternity or ancestry. 

There are several types of biological samples that can be used for DNA testing Las Vegas. Biological fluids even if frozen or dried, including saliva, blood, and semen, can be used for DNA tests. 

If you are not certain about what type of DNA testing services is right for you, just call us for assistance. We will help you with each step right from the start to finish. Our primary aim is to help our customers find the information that they need without any unnecessary hassle.